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You Are What God Created

Throughout my life, I found it hard to believe that I was of any value. There were times I allowed people to define who I was. After facing years of hurt, trauma, and even abuse, God called me out and separated me. He chose me, that ugly duckling, to bring others to know him. He chose me to tell my horrific story. He picked me to die and live again for him. 


I Got Issues is more than a book; it is a brand, a household name that many can attest to. All of us should know what it is like to have an issue. Many times these issues distract us from what we should be doing or what we have been called by God to do. I understand; because the same thing happened to me. When life happened, my dreams stopped.


Since we all have a purpose to fulfill while here on earth; my testimony, this book, is the guide to show you that purpose is still possible even after your broken pieces.  


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